Uniqlo: The Singaporean OOTD

Oct 2022

Here's my take on the Singaporean OOTD— from the oh-so-common box tee staple, to the active wear squads, to the proud uncles showing off their figures. The designs can be printed on apparel at Uniqlo's customisation booth, UTme!

When I got the brief about Singaporean OOTD, i dragged my family to Uniqlo and chose outfits for them to model for me. [scroll to bottom] Somehow, my dad was shocked by how big he thought his tummy looked in the dressing room. He was trying to pull up his pants, while patting his tummy repeatedly (+ my dad’s pants always seem to be perpetually dropping ) And that was the genesis THE DAD BOD. It’s all these small things, small sparks and cute interactions that made this experience so special and that’s why this is my favourite design of the 8!

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